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Bratty Bieber's biggest troubles could come from being a butt on chartered flight

Feb 08, 2014 - Comments: 0
Duck lips... how adorable for a boy and his dad
So the pint size pop "star" Justin Bieber has during the last two months been accused of egging his neighbor's mansion to the tune of causing $20,000 in damage... drag racing in a Miami neighborhood while under the influence of pot, pills and at least some booze... striking a limo driver in the back of the head multiple times because the driver refused to continue turning the car's music up per Beiber's orders... and "hot boxing" a private jet he chartered from Canada to New Jersey.

Crack-smoking Canadian mayor sticks up for Justin Bieber

Jan 30, 2014 - Comments: 0
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is envious of Justin Bieber
"I wish I was as successful as he is," the mayor of Toronto, Canada said today in defense of Canada's pint size pop star Justin Bieber. Mayor Rob Ford, who has admitted to smoking crack on more than one occasion, asked the general public to understand that Bieber is just 19. This was in response to Bieber's second arrest in the last week... the latest being an arrest by Toronto Police for allegedly assaulting a limo driver who was transporting him around.
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