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So tall, she has to duck the entire time she is in the restaurant

Perdy decided to visit a restaurant the other day. Perdy went in, and checked things out for a bit. She didn't sit down and eat. There really wasn't a chair for her. Not that there wasn't an empty chair... there were only a few chairs taken, most of them by people relaxing and surfing the Internet while sipping on latte. But there wasn't a chair she could fit in. She is rather tall. And a bit misshaped for a chair. But that was okay. She didn't want to stay. Perdy just wanted to see. She thought about the soft serve ice cream advertised out front, but decided it might impact her girly figure. So she just looked. And then dined a bit on a plant inside the restaurant. Not so great, she decided. But then again, she is not much of a food critic. During her visit, the cumbersomely tall Perdy had to duck her head low... the whole minute or two she was there. Did I mention she is rather tall? How tall, you ask? Hmmm.... maybe around... oh, say, 18 ft. In case you are curious... Perdy is not a human. She is, rather, a giraffe. Just visiting this restaurant at Lion Park Reserve in Johannesburg, South Africa. And entertaining the staff and diners. No big deal. She walked in, and politely left shortly afterward, relieved to lift her head again in the open air. All in the course of a day for this giraffe. Now, if only Perdy could blog about this nice visit... this relaxing stroll through the food court. If only... what's a giraffe to say?
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