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Bratty Bieber's biggest troubles could come from being a butt on chartered flight

Duck lips... how adorable for a boy and his dad

Justin Bieber and daddy Jeremy Bieber... selfie on Instragram

Duck lips... how adorable for a boy and his dad

So the pint size pop "star" Justin Bieber has during the last two months been accused of egging his neighbor's mansion to the tune of causing $20,000 in damage... drag racing in a Miami neighborhood while under the influence of pot, pills and at least some booze... striking a limo driver in the back of the head multiple times because the driver refused to continue turning the car's music up per Beiber's orders... and "hot boxing" a private jet he chartered from Canada to New Jersey. Is there anything else? Probably something more will come up. In the meantime, though, one of these alleged crimes carries the stiffest possible penalties. It is one that is largely being overlooked for some reason, in that there has been up until now no talk of him facing possible charges for it. Which one is it? Try smoking up a passenger jet with so much pot that the crew members were forced to wear their oxygen masks and allegedly harassing the jet's flight attendant to the point where she sought refuge in or near the cockpit, just wanting to be left alone by Bieber and his .... father. Yes, father. Hmmm... Well, here's the deal. You just can't smoke up a passenger aircraft... putting the plane and its crew and passengers and people on the ground in harm's way. You just can't. For real. Wouldn't you think? Besides the fact that it is rude and inconsiderate, it is also illegal. We thought so anyway. So we looked it up a few days ago. Only one article, in Flying Magazine, seemed to focus on the trouble that Bieber exposed himself in little airplane escapades. Flying Magazine, on Feb. 6, referred to this incident and noted that in these United States, interference with a flight crew member through intimidation is a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Up to 20 years in prison. Perfect. What a way to get rid of an asshole teenager whose asshole-like behaviors go way beyond being an asshole. His arrogance and misbehaving is a threat to others. Lots of others. Justin Bieber seems to have a dangerously self-inflated ego which is combined with a poisonous lack of respect for anyone besides himself. First of all, from media accounts, he has turned his upscale L.A. neighborhood into a mini race track... speeding through the neighborhood whenever and however he feels like it. And spitting in the faces of neighbors who complain... or egging the houses... or whatever mature behavior strikes his fancy. He put lives in danger in Miami, without a second doubt, when he decided to drive after smoking a bunch of pot, drinking at least some alcohol, and taking some Xanax. No matter who you are, pot and Xanax can not be a good combination for responsible driving. But Bieber doesn't care. Just as long as he's having fun... that's what matters isn't it? And then the plane incident... The flight crew said they had warned he and his father and his other friends to stop smoking pot in the cabin of the plane. The captain and other flight crew members eventually decided it had gotten so bad that they needed to put their oxygen masks on. For one, they felt like they could inhale so much marijuana smoke that they could risk their licenses and jobs by failing drug testing. But probably mostly, they had legitimate concern that the amount of pot smoke in the air of the airplane's cabin could impair their ability to operate the airplane safely. That is perfectly understandable if you think about it for just one New York minute. I mean I just don't think there is anyone on Earth who would not prefer that someone in the skies above them being flying in a marijuana smoke-filled plane. Marijuana might be of the Earth and be legalized in many places, but still the fact remains... it slows reflexes, clouds judgment, and certainly impairs "driving" abilities. It would stand to reason that it also impairs flying abilities. But no biggee... not to Justin Bieber anyway. After all, it is all about him, isn't it?
UPDATE: Finally, today, I noticed nice media coverage of the fact that Bieber could be in trouble for his whole smoking up the plane and threatening the flight attendant antics. For instance, there is the first graph in this article, from CNN, posted late this afternoon. Washington (CNN) -- The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that it is looking into allegations that passengers onboard singer Justin Bieber's charter flight last week interfered with the flight crew. The article proceeded to quote the pertinent entry in the FAA regulations: "No person may assault, threaten, intimidate, or interfere with a crew member in the performance of the crew member's duties aboard an aircraft." Authorities said both civil and criminal statues prohibit passengers from interfering with the a flight crew in the performance of their duties. Under a civil statute, violators face penalties of $11,000 to $27,500, the FAA said. Under a criminal statute, violators face a maximum of 20 years in prison and fines up to $250,000. Fair enough. Now, hopefully, this sorry dude will get his share of fair treatment. After all, he deserves it.
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