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No more air beer drops to ice fishing shacks, feds say

Beer headed to an ice shack!

Beer headed to an ice shack!

Beer headed to an ice shack!

It was a good thing while it lasted... but no more air deliveries of beer for ice fishermen in Minnesota. The Federal Aviation Administration pulled the plug on beer deliveries via quadcopter "drones" after a brewery posted an advertisement for the service on YouTube. LakeMaid Brewery of Minneapolis had been testing a drone delivery system two airlift cases of beer to ice fishing shacks north of Minneapolis using quadcopters. In stopping the deliveries, FAA cited federal regulations that currently prohibit drone flying for commercial purposes. The FAA has cracked down recently on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) that are being operated for profit, including photographers and advertisers using the devices for aerial filming/photography. Well, it was a good idea... and maybe it can later happen, but not until the FAA crafts regulations for UAVs used commercially. And that won't be until at least after 2015, feds say. In the meantime, Amazon and Dominoes Pizza are working (separately, of course) on their own delivery by drone services. Here are videos showing Amazon's test delivery service and Dominoes:
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