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Murder for hire: Son admits he paid classmate to kill mother

A 21-year-old Houston area man admitted in Court yesterday that he paid a classmate of his four years ago to kill his mother.

Danish Minhas worked out a plea arrangement with the District Attorney of Harris County, Texas and in exchange will serve 50 years in prison.

Minhas was an honor student at Robert E. Lee High School in Houston, and was president of his class, when he struck up a conversation about his mother with a fellow student in his Spanish class. He offered the classmate, Nur Mohamed $1,000 to kill his mother, claiming she was too strict on him and did not give him enough money.

Muhamed accepted the offer and snuck into the apartment of Tabassum Khan (Minhas' mother), stabbing her repeatedly.

A close friend of Khan's said Khan had been having troubles with her son, complaining that he did not care about her and he was angry with her for giving him rules. Prosecutors in the case said Minhas was determined to escape his mother's strict rules. Khan's friend also said Minhas continually demanded money from his mother.

"She tried to give him everything he wanted, but she didn't make much money," Kahn's friend Connie Bowen said. She said he was consumed with material things and always wanted more in the way of material things from his mother.
Bowen hopes he thinks long and hard about how cold he was to his mother.

"His mother would'€™ve never wanted him punished."

Information from KFDM-Beaumont, KHOU 11 News in Houston

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