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The lions needed to be fed and we had some extra giraffes... Zoo's explanation for killing young giraffe

Danish children among those watching the dissection of a giraffe

Giraffe dissected in front of hundreds, including children at the Copenhagen Zoo

Danish children among those watching the dissection of a giraffe

In spite of petitions, protects, begs, pleas, cash offers, and "adoption offers", the Copenhagen, Denmark Zoo last week killed a healthy, young giraffe. Why? The basic explanation from zoo officials: We had some extra giraffes, and the lions needed to be fed.

Poor Marius. She had a chance... plenty of them... but those in charge of her decided she was not going to get any of these chances. And so offers from other zoos, enclosing a zoo in neighboring Sweden, were rejected. A cash offer of over a half-million bucks to save the giraffe was rejected.

And so Marius was taken down. Killed a a bolt gun. By her very own caretakers... the ones in charge of her life.

After being killed, zoo staff performed a public autopsy on her. They bragged that this was a good opportunity for others, especially children, to learn first hand about giraffe anatomy.

As outrage all over the world erupted from Marius' killing, the zoo offered further explanation on why they "had to" kill her. They had to protect against possible genetic inbreeding, so to speak. Apparently, zoos keep females together in areas with one male giraffe (bull). Many zoos have "bachelor groups" for just boy giraffes. (When kept together without females, male giraffes can coexist peacefully). The zoo said Marius' genes were similar to other breeding giraffes "in the collective" (at the zoo). Therefore, to the zoo, Marius was not needed. Or wanted. He was considered "surplus."

And so he had to go. The zoo determined it also could not let another zoo or wildlife refuge/park have Marius. They determined, for instance, that a wildlife park which offered to take Marius, didn't need her. They said the park's enclosures could be used by a "genetically more valuable giraffe."

Poor Marius. Maybe he didn't have a chance after all. Not with the Copenhagen, Denmark zoo having the final say on her fate.

And we thought Denmark was one of the progressive countries... on of the good ones.

Apparently not... if the Copenhagen Zoo is in any way representative of the country.

They said her genetic makeup would not have been a match anywhere else.

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