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Kinda sorta hilarious: Cheerleaders dodge bat, fearing the tiny creature may bite and turn them to the dark side

Cheerleaders at a Shreveport, Louisiana school were dancing and dodging during half time at a basketball game earlier this week. Neither the dancing nor the dodging were part of the cheer squad's rehearsed routine, but the group still pulled off a good show. An unexpected critter-- an American brown bat- joined the cheerleaders, sending them scattering across the court. It made for an even more memorable half time show than anyone expected. Their cheer captain, Kayte Duhon, describes the invasion: "everybody is like ‘there's a bat, there's a bat, there's a bat." The animated cheer captain said she told cheerleaders the bat was more afraid of them than they were of it. That didn't exactly help them relax, though, Duhon said. She said she thinks they thought it was a vampire bat who was there to suck their blood and turn them. To the dark side, or to whatever side a vampire turns one to. "It started swooping down and everyone went crazy," she said in an interview with a local TV station, whispering and looking around as though the bat could resurface at any moment. "It circled around and (the cheerleaders) were screaming, running, throwing their hands up, dropping to the floor like sailors on a ship..." "I said Lord help us," she said, hoping her fellow Walnut Hill High cheerleaders could get through the two minute routine with their uninvited visitor. After the game ended, she said cheerleaders were still wired up... looking around, wondering... where did it go... did it follow us? But the experience was one the cheer captain said she actually enjoyed. "If I had to do it again," she said in a low tone of voice, with a huge smile spread across her face," I'd do it again! I think it was funny." Bats are pretty common in school gymnasiums around here. They are often found, for instance, in the gym and school buildings of nearby Florien school, where I attend. Also, other schools have bat visitors (who actually nest in the gyms and other parts of the school) who sometimes come out during the day rather than during the dark of the night. KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather
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